Saif Ali Khan Rockstar!

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Saif Ali Khan, though still an actor first, also has another job he loves, that of rockstar! Saif will be joining the rock band Parikrama on stage in Mumbai tonight and also performing at the concert is the incredible band Strings!

Saif has performed with Parikrama before in Delhi. He said, “I am an actor who likes to play music on stage. It is a hobby for me and the band makes me sound good. After the Delhi concerts, I am ready to play in other cities, including Mumbai. I’ll play rock music on my guitar, mostly tracks by the band AC/DC. It should be good fun.”

Adding, “I had a whale of a time performing with my parent band Parikrama in Delhi. Now I am doing four more concerts. We share very similar tastes in music and they are a bunch of fantastic musicians. I really enjoy playing with them.”

One of Parikrama’s band members Subhir Malik said, “It would be great to get back on stage with him. Saif is committed to music despite his busy schedule.”

Saif is an accomplished musician who is a trained classical piano player and loves the guitar; “I fell in love with the guitar and rock music when I heard a senior in school, playing Deep Purple’s Black Night, where we also formed a group. It was really bad, but managed to play for the school dances.” He admires classic rock guitarists like Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Angus Young of ACDC. “I am very fond of the classic guitarists. Among the slightly more modern guitarists, I like Eddie Van Halen.”

For this set of concerts he said, “I’ll rehearse in Alibaug. We’ll play in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore. My shootings won’t be affected because I’ll be rehearsing on the weekends. This is something I want to do. It gives me a great high to be on the stage playing and singing.”

Yes, he will even be singing, “I can’t say I’m a great singer, but I can carry a note. Never in my wildest dream did I think it was so much fun.”

Though he would not share what rocking numbers he would be doing at the show he did say, “I hope that all of my fans, friends and family will be there to support me. I’ll make it a night to remember. Rock music has always been a passion. I look forward to sharing that passion with my fans across the country and hopefully blowing their minds with some classic rock and roll!”

Though he says he does not see himself in the rockstar image, “I don’t really take it too seriously. Rock music is about passion and self-expression; it’s not about an image.” He may be getting into the character of rockstar just a bit to much, because recently Saif added some ink! He now sports a tattoo with his ladylove’s name (Kareena in case you did not know) in Devanagari. However, maybe it wasn’t the rock n roll influence, it must be love!

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