Saif Ali Khan’s Workout Dues

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Saif Ali Khan has a huge bill to pay and no, it’s not a credit card bill filled with gifts for his love Kareena Kapoor. It seems that Khan has a heft seven digit sum bill that has not been paid to his personal trainer Satyajit Chaurasia. Saifu is currently training and shaping up for his upcoming film Agent Vinod opposite real-life girlfriend Kareena Kapoor. Chaurasia was hired to help the actor get the actor into fab shape which is a requirement of the script.

After only two and a half months of training and a large unpaid bill, Chaurasia decided to stop training sessions with Saif until and unless the outstanding charges were paid. “I had quoted my fees verbally to Dinesh Vijan, co-producer of the film and Saif’s business partner. He was okay with it then. But later, whenever I brought up the matter of payment, he brushed it aside. When I sent the bills to him, he returned them saying that they were too much. I told them that I could not continue this way and walked out,” Chaurasia told a leading publication.

A source close to the actor however, told sources that Khan had in fact stopped sessions with his trainer after a mere two workouts and instead joined another gym. Chaurasia, who trains the likes of Zayed Khan, Esha Deol and Rani Mukherjee also added that he went out his way for Saif however, would not hold a grudge towards the actor. “He will still remain a good friend,” he concluded.

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