Saif is the new ‘angry young man’ in town!

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Move over Big B, Saif Ali Khan seems to be the latest angry young man in town if one goes by recent reports. Apparently, the good-looking Khan lost his cool (and rightly so) during the filming of Tashan in Ladakh.

Saif and Kareena Kapoor, who co-stars in the film with him, were enjoying a quiet lunch when fans threatened to barge into the restaurant and meet the actor and actress. When the local boys were stopped from entering the restaurant by the stars’ bodyguards, they started teasing Saif and Kareena. One thing led to another, and one of the ‘fans’ was reportedly beaten up by a bodyguard which further aggravated the situation, and the local boys started pelting stones.

Our very own Langda Tyagi obviously thought he should get out and calm down the crowd but was in for a rude shock when the mob was in no mood to listen to the actor. This was the final straw for Saif and he lost his cool and in turn got into fight with the uncouth locals, who abused him no end. A unit member says, “Saif was infuriated when they started hurling abuses at them (i.e. Kareena and him).”

Luckily, both the stars escaped unhurt but their respective bodyguard’s sustained injuries, with Kareena’s bodyguard being given four stitches. This unfortunate row with the public was definitely a first for Saif Ali Khan, who is usually said to be quite cool and laid-back.

First for Saif but definitely not a first for Bollywood! Several of our stars have been stuck in such situations where mobs have gotten out of control and aggressive. We guess they just need tighter security next time around!

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