Saifu is Rude to Kareena

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Kareena Kapoor is spending lots of time promoting her upcoming flick, “Kurbaan.” However, amidst the promotion rallies, the actress has been arguing with beau Saif Ali Khan and was even caught on camera during a tiff. While shooting for a Marathi channel, the actress was caught on candid camera SMSing Saif letting him know that he had apparently been extremely “rude” to her. The camera managed to zoom in her on her conversation while she had a cup of tea in her other hand. The message from Saif read: “Sorry baby… was talking about your role only.” To which a clearly unhappy Bebo replied, “You were rude, Saif! I am hurt.”

A totally absorbed Kareena was completely unaware that she was being shot and when it did occur to her, asked the cameraman to stop immediately before she continued with her promotional interview. A director from the Marathi Channel attempted to rectify the mistake by claiming, “It accidentally happened that the camera zoomed into her phone. She was engrossed in typing the message, but soon realised that the camera guy was focusing on her message and told him to stop shooting. It was clear that the two had a tiff and Saif was trying to woo her by sending sweet messages.”

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