Sallu Makes Kat Cry!

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While the ex-couple maintain they share cordial vibes, such was not the case on the sets of Bigg Boss 4 when Katrina Kaif visited the sets of BB4 as she promoted Tees Maar Khan with Farah Khan. Initially, the old flames met up before the show and played a quick innings of cricket during which time, they seemed to be friendly. However, as soon as the show began, Salman Khan was seen making witty comments and taking quick jabs at Katrina.

It initially began with Sallu asking her about Ranbir Kapoor, an actor who is has been rumored to be currently seeing and quickly jumped to her favorite co-star Akshay Kumar. While Katrina maintained her stance and took it in good stand, it was when Salman poked fun at her inability to speak Hindi that Katrina found herself in tears. According to sources, Kat found his sarcasm too harsh and during a break was seen in tears in her van.

However, the producers quickly made amends as the “hurtful” portions were eliminated and were not aired. Farah Khan who too made an appearance on the show claimed she had no idea Katrina was upset. A source from the set claims that despite all the drama, Katrina managed to remain as professional as possible in order to promote TMK.

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