Salman and Katrina’s Fast Food Date

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Has one of the biggest stars of Indian cinema been hit by the global credit crunch?

I think not. Upon returning to Aamchi Mumbai after a recent trip to Salman’s Panvel farmhouse, hunger got the better of this Bollywood pair. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif decided to stop for food at McDonald’s.

But it wasn’t exactly fast food. The moment their fans saw Khan’s land cruiser waiting outside the eatery, they rushed inside for photographs and autographs.

Salman and Katrina willingly entertained their fans, and their quick stop at the fast food joint resulted in a fairly long wait for this famished jodi. Yet without the batting of an eyelid, the pair gave in to the wishes of their fans without any complaints. Now that’s what I call respecting your fans.

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