Salman Comes to Farah’s Rescue!

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Tees Maar Khan has been declared a dud but even that cannot dampen director Farah Khan’s spirit. After feeling slightly distraught by the lack of acceptance towards her film, the actress was down and out. It was then that old friend Salman Khan called up Farah to let her know to start working on her next film as he was more than interested in starring in it.

A source claims that while most actors would refrain from starring in a film by a director whose film failed so miserably, Salman is not one to leave his close friends in a lonely crowd.
After hearing news that Farah was extremely upset that the critics, audience and even industrywallahs were “bringing her down”, the actor took it upon himself to help out Farah from her unhappy state. In fact, he went on to state that if she didn’t have a script, he would help her find one. While all this occurred before his grand Dubai birthday extravaganza, the conversation between Farah and Salman is said to be emotional.

However, Farah Khan claims all this is rubbish. “It’s not true. I have just started writing my next film. I am not even thinking of casting till the script is fabulous and fully locked. I met Salman only at the Screen Awards last week. Tees Maar Khan is a hit. Why would I need helping out?” she apparently said.

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