Salman Gets the Girl

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Lucky Salman Khan gets to woo Miss UK, Lisa Lazarus in his latest period film, Veer,, currently being filmed in Mumbai. The film will also feature Zarine Khan. Salman is sporting a beefed-up wild long-haired look for the movie which should leave his legions of female fans all of a-quiver.

Welsh-born Lisa started her modelling career soon after she became Miss Llanelli at the age of seventeen and is now a radiography student at Hertfordshire University in the UK.

Lisa has a strong social conscience and is very serious about her career ambitions: “My current ambition is to complete my University degree, then I will always have that to fall back on. Later I would like to further my career and specialise in working with cancer patients. I am particularly interested in the development of x-ray machines and radiation, and would like to further my knowledge by doing my Masters degree.”

She is particularly committed to her work with the Joshua Foundation which helps terminally ill children. “Along with representing my country, I will also spend the next year representing an amazing charity, helping children with terminal cancer and having the opportunity to travel with the children and to make their time on earth an enjoyable one.”

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