Salman Khan arrested in Jodhpur

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Salman Khan was taken into custody at the airport in Jodhpur when he arrived from Mumbai to turn himself in. Before leaving Mumbai, Khan said, “A warrant has been apparently issued and as per advice from my lawyers, I am going to Jodhpur to surrender. Nobody has told me to get there but I am going there as a responsible citizen who abides by the law.”

A police team including Additional Superintendent of Police Sawai Singh Godhara was waiting for him and they took him into custody. His brother Sohail and Dipesh Mehta, his lawyer, accompanied Salman. Khan’s lawyers did try to argue that he need not be arrested because he was there to surrender, but the police would not be swayed saying that they had an arrest warrant and they had to fulfill their duty. “He has been arrested at the airport lounge and the arrest warrant was presented to him there,” a police official said.

Salman was then taken to appear before the Chief Judicial Magistrate and the judge ordered that Salman be taken to jail. He was transported to the Jodhpur Central jail and will be there until at least Monday when his lawyers will take his case to a higher court.

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