Salman Khan back to rock Twitter

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A few days ago, actor Salman Khan was caught in a controversy for his comments on the terror attacks of 26/11/08. The actor was criticized heavily after the incident, and had decided to leave Twitter.

After the incident, the actor took back his words and apologized to everyone for hurting their feelings. And it now looks like Twitter doesn’t have to do without the Dabangg Khan, because he is back.

After having spent so many days without Twitter, Salman was back to his old self again. And all thanks to his fans who bombarded him with messages and tweets to return on Twitter. He thanked his fans for their support and love. “Kamaal karte ho yaar! Thank u fr wanting me to cm bak n sorry to leave but do understand that I tweet any thing n me frnds n family panic.”

Khan also tried to neutralize the effect of his earlier statement: “hindu muslim sikh isahi sab hai bhai bhai. Na ladna na jhagadna bus ek doosare se pyaar karna. Hum sab saath saath hai :)”

We are definitely glad that the actor is back, so we can all enjoy more of his funny tweets again.

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