Salman Khan is only human

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At a concert to show support for the Al Noor Foundation, Salman Khan opened up about his family’s commitment to Being Human, a project aimed at bringing education and opportunities to street children. “The most important thing in the world is education. Initiatives towards making education accessible to every child in the country are crucial to the nation’s progress,” he said.

Salman recently had dinner with Katrina Kaif at the Olive restaurant in Mumbai. “Salman Khan walked in with Katrina around midnight,” said a source at the restaurant, “They settled for a table in the private dining room. Salman ordered vodka and took five to six pegs. Katrina Kaif did not drink, she only took dinner. They were looking happy in each other’s company.” The two then left the restaurant and took a motorised rickshaw home. Salman insisted on driving, leaving the rickshaw driver to sit next to Katrina in the cab (lucky man!)

Meanwhile, it looks as though Salman’s historical project, Veer, may be running into difficulty. It’s possible the project may have been put on hold whilst Salman continues to work on London Dreams. Veer has been in trouble due to the recession,” explained a source, “The film was earlier mounted on a very lavish scale and was said to be going up by crores. But the financiers and producers could not fund the film after the recession hit the industry. After some differences with the financers and the producers took place recently, Salman left for Chandigarh early in the morning to work on London Dreams.”

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