Salman Khan Reflects On the Past

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The actor has led one of the most eventful lives in the industry and possibly can give Hollywood personalities a run for their money when it comes to controversies and getting into trouble. However, it looks like there is hope for the actor who just may be regretting his past deeds.

Recently Salman Khan shot for Nikhil Sahini’s public awareness ad on the issue of hit-n-run incidents on the road. No, this is not a joke but a real project the actor is a part of. For all those who perhaps require a flashback or may not understand the irony of the issue, let us remind you that Salman Khan was charged for this very offense on the day of September 28th 2002.

Whether this was a media sprung joke or the actor’s real attempt to show his regret for the past was confirmed by the director himself who released a statement saying that indeed Salman Khan was part of his ad film for public awareness in hit-n-run cases. The lines that the actor utters in the ad are an attempt to make people not hide away from their responsibilities but instead to stand up and face them because that is what the country needs.

Well, like they say: admitting your faults and regretting them is the first step to turning around your life. One can only hope that this is indeed Sallu’s first step to turn around his life, at last.

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