Salman Khan’s first international film ‘Dr. Cabbie’ with Vinay Virmani opens to good reviews

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14sep_drcabbie-02Dr. Cabbie, Salman Khan’s first international offering that has Vinay Virmani (Breakway, David) in the lead has opened to good reviews on its Canadian release, what with current IMDB rating as 8/10. While the film would be seeing phased release internationally, a good response amongst audience in the country where it belongs to, Canada, is a heartening sign indeed for Salman and Vinay who have come together for an outing that picks up a socially relevant subject (migration of well educated Indians to Canada and the hardships they suffer) while presenting it in an out and out entertaining manner.

This is what the prominent critics have to say about the film.

Dr. Cabbie has an appealing protagonist, some snappy dialogue and fun characters. The film also manages to be lighthearted, amusing and occasionally heartwarming… provides a pleasingly comical cinematic ride.” – The Star

“Canadian-born (Vinay) Virmani is convincing as a young immigrant physician, conveying the vulnerability and innocence of India’s Shahrukh Khan in his younger days. Dr. Cabbie likely has all the ingredients in place to attract an international audience.” – Straight

Dr. Cabbie was a funny and loving comedy, it also touches on social issues and life challenges that relate to many Canadian immigrants. The movie definitely is not a typical Bollywood style film – but rather a modern comedy that offers a subtle Bollywood twist.” – Binzento

“Virmani, who also penned the story, uses humour to uplift the audiences. The movie crafts a new breed of cinema that caters to a multicultural universal audience, definitely one to watch!” – Anokhimedia

Dr. Cabbie is lovingly shot by director Jean-Francois Pouliot (Le Grande Seduction), both in Toronto and in India” – Toronto Sun

Dr. Cabbie is a decent attempt to portray the struggle both internal and external, qualified immigrants face when they first step foot on Canadian soil. Vinay has grown as an actor from his first movie Breakaway and brings his character to life with his signature charm and good looks. Isabelle Kaif sister of Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif has a pleasant personality.” – Suhaag

“Despite the many winks and nods towards Indian culture, Dr. Cabbie is the type of film that can be enjoyed by people of all ethnicities. The film is completely harmless.” – Toronto Film Scene

Dr. Cabbie is a rocking, raunchy comedy that will tickle your funny bone and pull at your heart strings. For the new generation of all ethnicities, this film hits the right notes for a broad comedy that pushes the envelope.” – The Link Paper

“The movie is well made and is in most parts non-offensive. The movie is filled with Bollywood stereotypes including the tongue in cheek humour and the obligatory dance sequence.” – Vancouver Desi

“Lots of funny stereotyping – dialogue and behaviour that is pure mockery, with great cast that delivers over-the-top fun with some serious consequences. Brilliantly directed by Jean-François Pouliot.” – SmrCulturePlus

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