Salman Khan’s New Avatar – Professor

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Salman Khan, one of Bollywood’s biggest stars, has been in the Hindi film industry for over 2 decades and now he has taken on yet another avatar, Professor. Recently, Salman the teacher, shared the expertise and knowledge he has gained throughout his career, with students at Subash Ghai’s acting school, Whistling Woods International in a surprise guest lecture.

About the lecture Salman said in an interview with CNN-IBN, “I told them acting, you don’t need to know acting. Just your own confidence and what you have seen in life.”

In typical Salman style, his talk was filled with jokes and funny stories but he was also was serious telling them, “Never imitate any actor as then you will always be number two. If you copy then you can never be a star but will always remain a copy of the star.”

Adding, “A good actor impresses you with a good role in a good film, whereas a star always attracts you, even in a mediocre film!”

The star lectured not only on the process but talked about his films and experiences working with such esteemed directors as Sanjay Leela Bhansali, David Dhawan and of course, Subhash Ghai. “All have different styles of working and I adopt each director’s style to give my best. Every actor has to know and understand the director first before he starts working with him. That’s how he can justify a director’s vision. Never try to think opposite of what the director is thinking, it will harm the film,” he said.

Salman stressed that being an actor not only involves the craft of acting but also how you present yourself, “A actor must spend a lot of time and care for his body and face because this is the only instrument with any actor to play the role and to exhibit his talent of acting on big screen.”

He added in the interview, “It is a visual medium. So, you look good first, you have a personality, you make sense. People will watch!”

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