Salman Khan’s unforgiving nature continues!

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Anyone who upsets Salman Khan is bound to be in his bad books for life. He has also often said that he will forgive his enemies but never forget their names. However, this certainly doesn’t seem to be the case if one goes by his recent interview with a top publication.

The brat of Bollywood was asked a number of questions on his fellow actors, and although he was kind enough to say that he doesn’t have any problems with Abhishek Bachchan (we wonder why?), two other actors were not so lucky. No prizes for guessing that the other two in question are none other than John Abraham and Vivek Oberoi.

The Salman-John saga has been going on for a while now ever since the ‘Rockstars’ concert. Apparently, Sallu ‘bhai’ was upset with the dimpled hunk for displaying starry airs and throwing too many tantrums. Other sources say that Khan was miffed with Abraham for stealing the limelight from him as well as some payment issues (best known to them) during their whirlwind tour. Then there was news about them patching up but before you knew it, once they returned to India, Salman refused to shoot with John for Baabul. He was also seen giving the latter the cold shoulder at the music launch of the film and the cold vibes were further evident at the premiere of Baabul.

When asked about it on Koffee with Karan most recently, John stated that there is a problem but also admits that he doesn’t know what exactly it is, choosing to be politically correct. Although with Salman Khan it is a different story. A couple of months ago on a television channel, he said that John isn’t that important. If that wasn’t enough, he has now gone a step further and claimed that he has no equation whatsoever with John, also saying, “I don’t know that man.” Wow, talk about sour grapes.

Coming to Vivek Oberoi. Everyone is aware of the now infamous press conference that Oberoi Jr. called more than 4 years back to talk about Salman’s alleged misbehaviour towards him and many other industry peeps (Magazines and Newspapers all over the world were exhausted with the 41 phone calls ‘epic’ if I may call it). No doubt, it was a disastrous step taken by the then ‘blue eyed boy’ of Bollywood, with everyone turning their backs against him and supporting Salman in awake of the event. A lot of time has passed since then and Vivek has stated in many interviews that it was indeed something that he deeply regrets, calling it a “fabulous mistake”. He also says that he wishes to clear his karma and do the needful of going up to the people concerned and apologize to them for his carelessness.

Last year when Salman Khan’s first mother Salma Khan was in hospital, everyone was surprised to see that Vivek and his family were one of the first few people to visit her there. This was perhaps a conscious decision on Vivek’s part to extend an olive branch to Salman. However, it was to no avail as the superstar Khan was in no mood to reconcile, completely ignoring all questions that pointed to Vivek in his later interviews. Even today, it doesn’t look like Salman will forgive Oberoi in the near future. When asked about whether he will do a film with Vivek, the bad boy promptly replied, ‘Who’s that? Oh little Vivek, that idiot! Of course not.’ Ouch. Now was that cheeky humor, sarcasm or rudeness? Or was Salman just being so typically himself?

Either ways, I’m not saying this because I’m a Vivek fan but honestly, it’s been more than 4 years since that fateful night and a lot of water has flown under the bridge from then till now. There’s something called ‘Let bygones be bygones’…I suggest you grow up and move on Mr.Khan.

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