Salman on Kat and her co-stars

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Though rumors abound that the two have broken up, it now seems that all is fine in Katrina Kaif-Salman Khan land. In fact, Salman in a recent interview even talked about marriage in 2009. He also talked about her co-stars, being her co-star in Yuvraj and said a bit more about the SRK fallout.

As her real love Salman says he is cool with Katrina acting with one of her main reel loves Akshay Kumar. They are the “IT” jodi and their latest film Singh is Kinng has set the box office on fire. About their pairing Salman said he has no problem with it, “Honestly, I have no issues with Akshay. He’s a simple, hard-working guy. They look good together on screen and their films are doing well.”

He also has no problem with her working with John Abraham, however one star is a definite no-no. “ But Vivek is a big NO… there’s no chance, she cannot work with him.”

Even though Vivek made a very public apology, Salman did not and does not accept it. He said, “Salman ko chamat maar, maar ke phir puchte ho maaf karoge? Tell him (Vivek) to save his acting for the screen and not off it. I cannot forget what he’s done to me.”

There is talk that Katrina will star in Shah Rukh Khan’s Temptations stage show and Salman says he thinks she should. However, about the fight he had with SRK he said, “I wouldn’t have talked about it, but I had no choice, I feel so bad that something like this has happened. For me to behave in such a manner at my own party… imagine the enormity of the problem and what must have happened between us. The problem is from his side, not mine. You must remember, true success doesn’t understand crab mentality. It’s secure and beautiful.”

Speaking of Katrina’s co-stars, he is one of them in Yuvraj and they are romantically paired in the film. He revealed, “ We have been paired together for the first time as a romantic lead in Yuvraj. However, I feel awkward. Besides, the audience would feel that the real life girlfriend-boyfriend story is being played on the screen. Also, I want the audience to give our pair the respect and dignity it deserves.”

So will their real life romance lead to marriage he was asked, “Next year, I’m settling down in 2009 and would like to become a father immediately.”

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