Salman to paint Saawariya

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Salman Khan is not only a Bollywood superstar but as many of you know he is also an artist, a painter. Now, Sanjay Lee Bhansali, director of the highly anticipated film Saawariya wants to take advantage of both sides of Salman’s artistic abilities. Besides all ready having him portray a pivotal role in the film, Bhansali also wants Salman to paint Saawariya on canvas.

A source said, “Bhansali has decided to give a few stills of Saawariya to Salman so that he can paint them and thereby take his film to a larger canvas. Salman liked this idea. He will start working on the Saawariya paintings very soon.”

Once the painting or paintings are complete they will be auctioned off a few days before the November 9th release of Saawariya. Since Bhansali is a master of creating a beautifully artistic picture on film, it will be fascinating to see a painting of the film done on canvas. We look forward to seeing both pieces of art.

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