Salman tweets his love for I Hate Luv Storys!

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It seems genies grant wishes on the Internet too! They come in the shape of celebrities. So much so that when a certain evergreen star tweeted about his desire to watch a forthcoming movie, a genie appeared in the form of Imran Khan.

Yes, we are talking about none other than the tweet of Salman Khan. The actor tweeted “Want to see I Hate Luv Stories”, it seemed the whole team of the film received a magnificent nudge. Along came the genie Imran to grant Salman’s wish. He replied promptly with “I’m back in town on the 17th, I’ll arrange a screening for you!” And there you see a wish on its way to coming true….

As the rest of the I Hate Luv Stories gang made their appearance on Twitter, some simply re-tweeted Khan’s wish. Sonam Kapoor replied to the tweet, “That’s cool Salmanbhai! Hope you are well!”.

It seems Salman is indeed serious because he tweeted again about the film and Imran, “Wanna c I hate lvto sries , imraaaan sho na dude . Seeing promos n loving it , all the best dude , think this I a big 1 , happy fr u .sho na.”

Imran replied, “Can’t believe how much love & support we’re getting from @beingsalmankhan … Truly overwhelmed. Thank you. A million times, thank you.”

We will all have to sit and wait for Salman Khan’s take on the film… no doubt he will give his thoughts on Twitter! Until then, may the Twitter genies continue to work their magic…

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