Sama Arts Network & Sachal Music presents the World Premiere Performance of Sachal Jazz Ensemble

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14jul_Sachal Jazz EnsembleWhen we think of Jazz, we automatically think of New Orleans where Jazz originates from, but tonight I experienced the rebirth of jazz with a difference.

Sachal Jazz Ensemble took the stage at Kings Place, London for an intimate gig. A group of veteran master musicians from Lahore explore the music of east and west, uniting a unique sound and giving us pure musical pleasure.

The seven-member Sachal Jazz Ensemble includes Nijat Ali (conductor), Nafees Khan (sitar), Baqar Abbas (flute), Ballu Khan (Tabla), Rafiq Ahmed (Naal), Najaf Ali (Dholak Mardang) and Asad Ali (Guitar).

Behind them they had the support from guest musicians, such as Solid Strings, Phillip Achille (Harmonica & Double Bass), Chris Wells (Drums) and Steve Lodder (Piano).

14jul_Sachal Jazz Ensemble 02Together, they produced the most amazing music that had me toe tapping to the fusion of traditional instruments like the tabla, flute and sitar to modern western music like ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon and the theme tune ‘Pink Panther’

What amazed me was not just the sounds of two cultures blending in effortlessly or the fact that improvisation was the key to a great sound, but the fact that a young conductor had these musicians in the palm of his hands as he demanded their talent to be exposed. The musicians seem to be working in unison, yet independently producing a unique sound. It was almost a battle of which musician can win the conductors attention.

For me, Baqar Abbas on the flute gave a mind blowing performance, his skills and passion was grandly noticeable. The sitar and the tabla followed closely behind but together it was all that Jazz.

Pakistan has given birth to a magical sound that is taking the world by storm and crossing all boundaries. It’s time to open our eyes and ears and widen our horizon.

Thanks to Izzat Majeed for pursuing his love for Jazz to bring us Sachal Jazz Ensemble.

Pink Panther

-Ms Safirah Irani

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