Samar Khan signs Puneet Malhotra as hero now he needs a heroine NOW!!

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Shourya. Kuchh meetha ho jaaye. MTV Unplugged. Coke Studio India. The man behind many such films and TV programs is hunting for a girl. Now, now, don’t get us wrong! Samar Khan has embarked on a whole new exciting journey to make a short film for Large Short Films. Continuing his experimental streak, he has cast none other than Puneet Malhotra as his leading man. The man who brought you I Hate Luv Stories is ready to fall in love. Facing the camera for the first time, this handsome Dharma man has already started shooting for Samar’s short film.

Now however Samar has to find the girl and he still hasn’t got the right girl opposite Puneet. This short film has everything a Bollywood blockbuster could offer. Locations. A dashing hero. A kick-ass story. A pulsating song. Set in 5 different countries, it doesn’t get larger. To complete the masala all they need is the missing heroine. They have started the hunt on Facebook on the Large Short Films page.

The first schedule has been completed in Bangkok. Puneet says, “It’s not easy to make a short film. Definitely more difficult than a full length film. It has to have the same impact but in 10 minutes. Hats off to the guys to make such amazing short films. It’s time we started appreciating them.”

Samar spoke to us from Bangkok and said that he felt he was back in school. “It’s not easy. Especially when the world is watching you. The film will be released on Youtube… that’s a few billion screens compared to a mere 2500 multiplexes for a feature film. And here they have a choice to abuse vocally, unlike a theatre. So the pressure is huge.”

Stay tuned we will bring you the news as soon as the heroine is found!

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