Sambhavna and Payal are back

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Falling TRP’s(TV ratings) saw the reintroduction of Sambhavna Seth and Payal Rohatgi back into the Bigg Boss house. She had barely stepped back into the house and Sambhavna started creating havoc in the house by rattling out schemes and lies that have been said behind each of the other housemates back. She didn’t spare her “friend” Payal either and took quick jabs at during her first day.

Day two arrived and Sambhavna awoke in the boy’s room, which Raja Chaudhary was not happy with at all. What happened next was chaos. While Sambhavna was busy getting up to no good, Payal decided to confront Rahul Mahajan on his inconsistent behavior to which of course, he took much offense. Among all this mayhem Diana and Ashutosh remained lost in thoughts of separation because both of them have been nominated to leave the house. On a hush-hush note, the housemates have no inkling that Seth and Rohatgi are only in the house until the end of the week. We’re pretty sure that Diwali crackers are going to erupt in the house all week with some rapidly increasing TRP’s. Watch this space for more drama!

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