Sameera Angry with Gautam

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The Delhi Daredevils and Shilpa Shetty’s Rajasthan Royals are shaping up to be the two sides to watch in the more-exciting-than-ever IPL3. Anyone who saw the Royals batting tear apart Brett Lee in their victory over Preity Zinta’s King’s XI Punjab yesterday would know where the hot money’s going. So, it’s no surprise that the team captains should be firing shots at each other as they both anticipate the final showdown. However, Daredevils’ Gautam Gambhir couldn’t have anticipated the ferocity of the response when he nonchalantly tried to dismiss the Royals as an ‘ordinary’ team.

Not only did the IPL reprimand him, but Shilpa Shetty pounced on him with “I heard Gambhir called Rajasthan Royals an ordinary team! We are a team with extraordinary talent, 2008 IPL champions not so ordinary after all,” she twitted. In addition, Royals supported Sameera Reddy also picked up the thread with “Gambhir’s statement that RR is an ordinary team is not in good taste. IPL is played in the spirit of sportsmanship.” So, we hope that Gambhir has learned his lesson – don’t mess with these ladies!

Sameera recently survived an embarrassing moment when she realised she’d left her laptop behind in a hotel in Chennai after she’d flown to Mumbai. “I was vexed with the thought of someone finding my laptop and misusing the stuff. The kind of pictures I had in there would make a Midday page 1!” she exclaimed, “Apart from my pics and e-mails there was my diary, which I write on my laptop. If ever published, it would make a scandalous book. Hence, the moment I got a call from the hotel, I cried with joy!” Now, of course, we’re all desperate to know what Sameera’s written in her diary!!

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