Sanatani is one Crazy Girl

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Hot new Sandalwood actress Sanatani is still reeling from the success of Crazy Kutumba, a delightful feel-good family movie about a multi-talented village family that decides to enter a reality TV show, and is still thrilled at having had the opportunity to work with Ramesh Aravind. “I feel lucky as I got an opportunity to act with my favourite star in my second film,” she says, “Ramesh is very talented, creative and energetic.”

Sanatani has a strange ambition for an actress. She would like to play an insane person. “I don’t want to stick to one character,” she says, “I think it will be very challenging to play the character of an insane person.”

But for now, only two movies old, she’s not going to rush into anything. “While shooting for Crazy Kutumba, I received many offers but decided to be careful,” she explains, “After the release of this film, I received an overwhelming response from the audience but I need to choose my roles very carefully.”

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