Sandhya is an All-Action Girl

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Mumbai-based model Sandhya Shetty is starting to make her mark in Kollywood but she’s not just interested in doing item numbers as she did in her debut 1977. “I would love to do action films,” she says.

How does this karate-kicking kid feel about working down south? “My best friend is Tamilian and her mom makes it a point to talk to me in Tamil!” she explains. Returning to her core theme she adds, “The other day, I watched a Tamil film in which a young hero — I don’t remember his name — did a brilliant job as an action hero. That’s the kind of passion that I would like to exhibit in my roles.”

And how did she get into karate in the first place, so unlike a typical model? “As I’m tall, I’ve always been into sports like kabaddi. Most of my friends are into karate and introduced me to it. The last four years have been a journey,” she explains. What does she think about Chennai, the home of Kollywood? “I never expected this sort of wild partying,” she says. “Nightlife in Chennai is much better than Bangalore or Hyderabad.”

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