Sanjay and Ajay to Star in Each Other’s Films

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Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn have been good friends for a long time. Now they’ll grace each other’s forthcoming ventures – and if sources are to be believed, without charging money from each other for it.

Sanjay is busy with preparations for his first home production. David Dhawan will direct the first film for Sanjay’s banner (Sanjay Dutt Productions) which will be a comedy with Sanjay and Ajay in the lead.

On the other hand, Ajay is planning his second venture as a director, and after U Me Aur Hum he will aim for “a full-on international-level action film”. While shooting for All The Best in Goa, Sanjay and Ajay, both full-fledged action heroes, had talked about the lack of action films in Hindi Cinema nowadays; “We don’t have action films comparable with the ones from Hollywood. We can’t afford to lag behind,” says Sanjay. That’s where the idea to do an action movie together was born. Now Ajay has finalised the subject and signed Sanjay for the lead role. Sanjay is looking forward to the project and has said, “I haven’t done a bang-bang film for a long time.” And while Ajay intends to focus on directing the film and not to act in it, Sanjay is allegedly urging his friend to play the other major lead actor’s role in the flick.

Sanjay confirms, “Yes, Ajay is directing his next film with me in the lead. He’s stars in my first home production (a comedy) directed by David Dhawan.” So we can hope for two movies starring the deadly combo Sanjay Dutt-Ajay Devgn, a comedy and an action film. And as both actors are known to excel in both genres, the fans are in for real treats.

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