Sanjay Dutt faces jail

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The verdict is out. Actor Sanjay Dutt faces a sentence of 6 years behind bars for his involvement in the 1993 Mumbai Blasts, over his possession of weapons allegedly given to him by Dawood Ibrahim prior to the blasts. On hearing the decision, Dutt broke down into tears.

After being sentenced, the court also denied bail to Dutt and ordered the police to take him into custody. This news follows Dutt’s previous stint in jail for 16 months in April 1993, however he was subsequently released on bail.

The star had apparently been present at a dinner party, where Ibrahim was also present. Dutt was reported to have made Yusuf Nalwala commit the offence on his behalf. He had also asked Russi Mulls to help him destroy the firearms. Dutt had explained that the weapons were purchased to protect his family after the violent outbreak over the demolition of Babri mosque in 1992. But according to the court, possessing such weapons is an ‘eminently dangerous act’ as it could cause mass destruction, although the judge was aware that Dutt and his friends did not put the public in danger.

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