Sanjay Dutt Granted Regular Bail

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The Supreme Court of India granted Sanjay Dutt regular bail on Tuesday and he could be released as early as Wednesday but it may take a few more days. This bail will allow the actor to stay out of prison while his appeal case to overturn his conviction is awaiting trial in front of the Supreme Court. It could be months or perhaps even years before the case is heard and the actor will be allowed to work and be home during that period.

His sister Priya Dutt said, “There are no particular celebrations or anything planned for his arrival. We are just happy that he will be coming back home.”

Adding, “A good homemade food and a good bed for him (Sanjay) to sleep are all he would be provided with, when he returns home.”

We are very happy for Baba and will report all the news when the actor is released so check back here often!

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