Sanjay Dutt maybe free for another month

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Tomorrow, September 27th was the day when Sanjay Dutt and his lawyers expected to receive the copy of the judgment from the TADA court. Upon receiving the papers Baba would have to turn himself in because that would be the end of his interim bail. However, now it seems that he may have his interim bail extended for another month until the documents are ready.

IANS is reporting that sources from the TADA court and Dutt’s lawyers are saying “it was very unlikely that the copy of the judgment would be served to the actor, who is presently on bail.”

“As things stand, we don’t expect the judgment copy to be served until mid-October. So till then he will be out on jail at least,” said Dutt’s counsel Karan Singh.

“The first of the copies of the judgment would most possibly be out around Oct 15, and since Sanjay Dutt was among the last of the 100 convicts to be sentenced, it might take a bit longer. So till then, the actor will remain out of jail,” a senior official of the special court told IANS.

This is great news for Dutt and also producers because now Sanjay’s hair will have time to grow and he then can resume filming for some of his projects. But more importantly it gives his lawyers more time to work on his appeal so that he can be released for good.

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