Sanjay Dutt: Munnabhai 3 will start in April 2011

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In part 3 of the Munnabhai series, Munnabhai (Sanjay Dutt) and Circuit (Arshad Warsi) originally were supposed to go to the USA and meet the president there (Munnabhai Chale Amerika). After My Name Is Khan came out with a similar story, however, Rajkumar Hirani dropped this plan and re-worked the script; now this Munnabhai movie will deal with the subject of blind faith. “The subject of religion has always fascinated me because, apart from moral values, there are rituals, superstitions and blind faith associated with it… I am not saying there is no God, there might be one great power but I will never find the answer to that. There are so many Gods in every religion, so whose God is the best? What are we fighting over? I truly feel that if there was no religion, we would not fight,” explains Hirani.

Now Sanjay Dutt too confirmed these developments: “Yes there were similarities between Munnbhai Chale Amerika and My Name Is Khan. Rajkumar Hirani can’t afford to let the third Munnabhai film suffer in any way. Changes are being made. It’s a huge responsibility to helm the Munnbhai series and Raju (Hirani) knows it. He is the most meticulous and passionate filmmaker we have. It’s true that three years have passed since Lage Raho Munnabhai but no one has forgotten Munnabhai. No one can. Raju wanted to prove himself in a non-Munnabhai film. So he made 3 Idiots. And look at what he achieved with that. He’s by far the best filmmaker today. We’d have gone ahead with the third Munnabhai film by the end of this year. But the script had to be changed. I think we’ll start by April 2011. The second Munnabhai film was better than the first. Now the third has to be better than the second.”

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