Sanjay Dutt’s bail may be up October 20th

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Sanjay Dutt who has been out on an interim bail may have to return to jail on October 20th. He has been called to present himself to the court on that date and if he is given a copy of the judgment against him he will have to turn himself in.

Judge PD Kode of the TADA court said the he would hand over copies of the decision against him on October 20th. However some lawyers close to the case are saying that the copies of the 6000 page file will not be completed by that time.

Once he does receive this copy he will have to return to jail until hopefully his lawyers can get him re-released on bail. They have appealed his case before the Supreme Court. “Once Dutt receives his order, we will file a revised appeal challenging his conviction and sentencing,” said Karan Singh, one of Dutt’s Lawyers.

We will keep following this story so check back here often to get the latest news!

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