Sarah Thompson Kane Debuts in Bollywood with Ranbir

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American actress Sarah Thompson Kane, best-known for her role as Eve in the hit TV series Angel, and for her part in Cruel Intentions 2 with Amy Adams, debuts in Bollywood in Rajneeti. She plays the part of Ranbir Kapoor’s American girlfriend – “an innocent who wanted nothing, but lost it all.”

In the movie, Ranbir abandons America to return to India to pursue his political ambitions. The movie, which also stars Ajay Devgn and Katrina Kaif, is about a political election and the tricks that the candidates will stoop to in order to achieve their goals.

Probably Sarah’s best film to date was The Pink Conspiracy with Bradley Snedeker in which Dave, the hero, stumbles across what he believes is a conspiracy in which all his previous girlfriends have joined together to drive him crazy (most men also suspect this is happening). Now, if only he could prove it…

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