Scene by Scene: Best introduction to a song

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We go in slightly a different direction for this week’s best scene feature and actually do not analyze a traditional scene at all but a scene with an intro to a song. It is one of the most iconic scenes of any Bollywood film and rates very highly on the best scene scale. We are talking about the intro to the song ‘Tujhe Dekha’ with Kajol running towards Shah Rukh through the Sarso Ke Khet (Fields of Mustard) in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ).

THE SCENE: Though you probably can see the scene in your mind as well as hear the song playing, let me set the stage. Kajol aka Simran is in India for the arranged marriage with Kuljeet but she keeps hearing Raj aka Shah Rukh playing their tune on the mandolin. She covers her ears to make it go away. This time she is in bed and wakes up, hears the music but it does not go away when she covers her ears. She runs outside, down the long road and into the Sarso Ke Khet. She falls to her knees. You hear a bell and then see the cow with her bell around his neck. The song begins “Tujhe dekha to yeh jaana sanam”…The wind begins to blow and she turns. “Pyaar hota hai dewaana sanam”…There is a long shot of the fields and in the distance you see a figure. As Raj turns he sings “Tujhe Dekha to yeh jaana sanam”… There are long looks between the two and then he holds out his arms (sighhhh). She smiles and runs to him through the field of yellow flowers. She runs straight to his arms and you see the wonderful shots of their embrace…Then the song continues from there but we will save that for another article…

If you are like me one of the first scenes you think of whenever you think or read about DDLJ is this intro to ‘Tujhe Dekha’. It is brilliant in its cinematography and in how it plays out. You have been teased several times that Raj is in India and finally you see that it has come true. It is classic because along with Simran and Raj you can literally feel the relief, the happiness and the love. Finally they have gotten together, they know that they are in love and it will now be all right. And what is so amazing is besides 2 lines of lyrics (I love that it is just those two lines sung a capella) there is not a word spoken. Both Kajol and Shah Rukh express so much in their eyes and how they hold each other. The Sarso Ke Khet is a beautiful backdrop for a scene filled with so much. Truly one of the most romantic scenes on film and a perfect intro to one of the best songs ever. Of course it must be said that the song is also an iconic representation of Bollywood. The tag line of the film is Come …Fall In Love and with this scene we really do. If you will excuse me I must go watch DDLJ for the 25th time!

Has to be 5+ stars!

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