Scene by Scene: Meghna faces her skeletons in Fashion

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A stunning performance by Priyanka Chopra as the protagonist, Fashion is a gritty film that explores the ‘survival of the fittest’ in the modeling world. A determined woman with a dream to become India’s best Supermodel, Meghna (Priyanka Chopra) leaves her home town Chandigarh for glamorous Bombay. Adamant and ambitious, Meghna perseveres despite the knockbacks and finally, her luck changes. She is at the right place, at the right time and ready for her big break. Meghna becomes the best and most sought after Supermodel but all of this is taken for granted and slips away…leaving Meghna broken. Fashion is a film that makes one realize that it is not good enough to just achieve your dream. It is important to carry on fighting for it even after it has already has been achieved.

The scene:
Meghna arrives back home to Chandigarh.  The setting is a conversation between Meghna and her father (Raj Babbar) on a park bench. Seeing his daughter shattered into pieces, he encourages her to go back and to face her skeletons. Meghna is a daughter who is shocked by the belief her father holds in her. Meghna is a fighter who realizes that her dream is too precious not to fight for. The same father who had ridiculed and discouraged Meghna from reaching for her dreams, now advises:

To stumble and fall over does not make one a loser- but to not stand up after stumbling, does. My daughter is not a loser.

What makes it so special?
Priyanka Chopra brings out the vulnerability of being human and this conversation is painful yet an inspiration to watch. The scene deserves a round of applause, an encore, and is one of the finest moments of Fashion. Highlighted is the complexity of emotion between a parent and a child. The father initially did not want his daughter to pursue her dreams, perhaps because of an instinct to protect her from failing? However, how much can a parent really protect their child? This scene beautifully portrays that encouraging children to face their fears and to pursue ambition is the only way to bring out their real strength- the courage to fight: especially if the odds are against you. This is the simplest scene of a glamour filled film, but is yet the most profound.

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