Scene by Scene: Romance in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

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Well, it was my turn to chose a scene close to my heart and this one truly connects deeply with me. It is from the film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and you probably can already guess which scene I mean. If you are a fan of Bollywood you know who stars in this wonderful film; we know them as the eternal jodi, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. Now prepare to sigh as you read about one of the most eternal romantic gestures ever seen on film. The rains, the music and SRK-Kajol!

The college buddies have been reunited and this is a turning-point in the film. Everyone has gathered outside. Kajol, adorned in a maroon sari while Shahrukh wears a black attire. The night is drizzling with mild rain when the two are left out in it – alone. Rahul takes Anjali’s hand and they both are running under the shelter of the white Gazebo. The feelings are intense, and yet jubilant. The atmosphere… a fix of romance and friendship, sprouting with the simple need to be. The rain’s patter against the roof is the only sound for a while. But as Anjali’s flings her tresses to the side, Rahul’s gaze sets upon her. With a soft, fluid movement of his hand and waist he asks her for a dance. Drenched, she looks confused, and then murmurs, “No music.” A smile flits across Rahul’s lips as he brings up his fingers into the air and presses down into the air as a piano might be played. The music is supplied by their imagination and a soft tune starts. Anjali can’t help but smile, and before they know it the two are dancing. Close to each other. As they once were. Merely living what they had been. That one moment, a single gesture of the feet and hands captures you and tells you – this is a perfect moment.

Some romantic gestures are grand. Some are pure. Some just so quick, and some so long. But yet, this one is merely a soft-spoken, simple gesture. It rests placidly on the characters. The atmosphere weighing it with light air is also full of intensity. I believe that if you need inspiration, this is one scene you should turn to. The romance whispering in the raindrops, the soft music, the touch – the feel. The exuberance is all so simple… yet together. So beautiful. So grand. So spine-tingling. I think not only I, but a lot of people would love to know what Karan Johar was thinking when he canned this shot. I mean, clearly, there must have been loads going on. It was a peak. A star in the night sky. And it was shining so bright. With the acting merely led by a soft strength flowing through the undercurrents of this romantic scene. This, by a long shot, is one of the most beautiful romantic gestures I’ve seen. It had been portrayed in so many ways – we remembered Raj Kapoor and Nargis, Aamir and Rani – but SRK-Kajol have completed the immortalization of ‘Dancing In The Rain.’

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