Scene by Scene: Wake Up Sid

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2009 witnessed a few milestones in Hindi Cinema in terms of great acting, great direction and great story. While 3 Idiots took away all the accolades and glories to fame, films like Wanted, New York and Love Aaj Kal too proved to be commercial successes. But amongst all these highly appreciated movies, there was a small but effective movie that somewhat wasn’t given its total due in terms of the box office as well as commercial appeal. I’m talking about the Ranbir Kapoor – Konkona Sen Sharma starrer Wake Up Sid directed by Ayan Mukerji and produced by the reputed Dharma Productions, which had a refreshing plot, realistic characters and simple yet breathtakingly feel-good scenes. Although the film was a profitable venture, it was not acclaimed by many knowing the aam-janta requirements of mirch-masala-action-brainless-Bollywood-song and dance-films. In good movies, stories or the lack of it doesn’t really matter. Wake Up Sid has no great storyline, but its several heart warming moments make it an enjoyable experience. I want to share two scenes that really had its impact on me and has continued over the years.

Scene a) Sid (Ranbir Kapoor) makes a bread and jam birthday cake, with a burning matchstick on top, for Aisha (Konkona Sen Sharma) at midnight knowing it’s her birthday.

What’s special: it was a subtle and delightful affair. The scene has a constant flow throughout with no over the top or understated drama. Knowing the girl to be alone on her birthday night against her wishes, and nothing much could be done at that moment to evade her loneliness, Sid manages to make her feel special with absolutely no yuppie cool dude act, but just by a charming yet surprising attempt of making a bread and jam cake. It was just simply perfect. Probably exactly something the girl wanted,or rather needed – a warm company.

Scene b) Aisha confesses her love for Sid through her article, and on realizing it Sid rushes to meet her.

Whats special: If you have ever fallen in love, you’ll surely agree with the fact – first ever beat of new love is something that is most cherished. This is one such moment. Somehow the nature, the place, the feelings, the people are all so well captured through this particular scene as if the rains are symbolic of the rejoice and accomplishment of the mutual romantic feelings within two souls meant to be one.

This is the climax when Sid, who was always a “bachcha” for Aisha needed to get over his “bachpan” and realize what it means to be loved and to gladly submit oneself to the unimposed responsibility of caring and loving his beloved. Finally they propose each other and Sid actually WAKES UP!

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