Scream and Shout: Celebritydom

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Note: The views expressed in this article do not reflect the views of’s staff or owners. They are solely the views of the writer of this opinion piece.

Celebrities annoy me as it is. That’s nothing new. Anyone who knows me, know that I have issues with the whole celebrity concept. However, the Bollywood Celebritydom, annoys me far more. Let me explain.

Celebritydom to me means being famous, well-known and normally talentless. It also means media-mongering and Page 3 regulars. In Bollywood, it is not just an industry, it is an institution. It is what people aspire to be, are inspired by and sadly, want to be a part of. It’s an illusion. It’s a nuisance. It should be banned.

The Bollywood industry thrives on it’s God-like status. Where the actors and actresses are taken to such adulation that it can be considered insanity. While, I am not saying this isn’t true of Hollywood or the Western media; it’s just far more prominent in this particular media.

There are people who refer to Amitabh and Shahrukh like Gods. No one seems to take offense to Aamir’s rather high-handed and very arrogant attitude. They refer to Aishwarya, Rani and Sushmita as beyond beautiful, that they are heavenly and celestial beings and state it as a fact. They don’t take into account that there is a whole host of people who don’t agree, and that their world renowned status is more economic and political nature than anything else they assume it to be.

That is not what annoys me. They are humans – fallible and confused.

The annoying part is the celebrities already a part of this world. The celebrities who allow this mindset to continue, who evidently seem to thrive in this environment. This yes-men culture is absurd and also an insult to anyone’s intelligence.

Celebrities talk about how their privacy is invaded or that they are so blessed and grateful to God to have such fans (yeah, really thank God for stalker-like fans). Both statements contradict each other and open a can of worms. If your fans are so in love with you, then if you asked the fans that you don’t want to be followed or treated like God, the likelihood is that they will listen. If you also don’t do things that warrant media attention, then you will also not have issues with your privacy, because if there is no demand for you then there is no need for the stalkerazzi.

Thus, my point being that is celebritydom a product of public demand or star requirement? You can’t be a star without the public demand so does that mean all the stars actually want to be stalked? If so, then why complain about it? You chose the career, now take the bad with the good – don’t blame the media and don’t blame the public.

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