See Salman and Katrina’s Groove in the Bodyguard title song!

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Hitting theaters this Eid, is the highly anticipated Bodyguard starring Kareena Kapoor and Salman Khan! So far the promos have been a huge hit and fans are eagerly awaiting the release. A few days ago we gave you a little glimpse into the special item number that will be in the film, plus we solved the mysteries of who is the item girl – the hot looking Katrina Kaif and who is making a special appearance – Sallu’s real bodyguard Shera.

Now have a look at the song video and see if you can catch the glimpse of Shera (to cute!) as you enjoy the looks, the moves, the sounds and the hot couple of the muscle pumping Salman and the gorgeous Katrina groovin to the beat of the Bodyguard title song!


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