Serbian actress Natasa Stankovic gets into Parveen Babi, Zeenat Aman and Madhuri Dixit groove for Arjun Rampal’s Daddy

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Remember many a club tracks that were picturised on Parveen Babi and Zeenat Aman back in the 70s and then early 80s as well? Or those disco numbers that were picturised on Mandakini and even Madhuri Dixit right till the late 80s?

Well, that’s the sense one gets on watching ‘Zindagi Meri Dance Dance’, the recreated version of the 80s song that has been put together in Arjun Rampal’s Daddy. The girl in question? Serbian model, dancer and actress Natasa Stankovic.

“In order to get her dance moves, ‘ada’ and the whole body language right for the retro track that was originally composed for Mandakini’s Dance Dance, Natasa saw dozens of such songs from the era gone by,” informs our source, “It is not just about getting the music right, there is a lot that needs to come from the performer as well so that audiences is transported back to the vintage times. This was the challenge that was put in front of Natasa and the actress, who has also featured in films like Satyagraha and Action Jackson, made sure that she got it all right for the camera.”

Rest was taken care of by the production design where right from the sets to the props (with a rocket model no less in the background) to the lighting to the choreography to the picturisation to even the extras in the background, everything fitted in perfectly well with the sense and vibe of the situation.

“The song arrives at a crucial juncture of the film and though Daddy is an intense affair with Arjun Rampal leading the show, Natasa’s performance is a major peg to the narrative as well,” our source adds, “Even though she has a small part to play in the film, she made sure that it became integral to the plot instead of being just an add on.”

If the final results are anything to go by, the effort indeed has paid off. One now waits to see how it all plays on the big screen once the film releases all over on 8th September.

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