Seven Reasons We Love Kareena Kapoor

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Kareena Kapoor is a classic. She is beautiful and sexy and talented. Since her debut performance in Refugee, in which she was praised because of her ease in difficult scenes, Kareena has stunned audiences with her magnetism and charisma. That was in 2000. In 2001 she starred in five films, two of which she was praised for her acting. In 2006 she acted in five different films. Chameli and Dev both were both critically acclaimed. Other films in which Kareena was recognized were Omkara, Jab We Met, Kurbaan, 3 Idiots, We Are Family, and Golmaal 3. She is a hard worker and she has been an iconic image in Bollywood. According to Rediff, Bebo has been one of the “Bollywood’s Most Beautiful Actresses” with her signature lips and attitude. She also made it on to the list of “Women of Many Faces”. With such an impressive filmography from which to draw evidence, it is difficult to narrow down the reasons why we love Kareena Kapoor.
Lets start with some of her best performances…

She’s a classic in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Let’s start early on with a film that became a classic almost immediately. With an all-star cast, Kareena had lots to live up to. Her Bebo style and attitude quickly added the distinctively wonderful Pooja to an already fabulous film. Her character was too cool for school and all of her movements, dialogues, and outfits showed that. She played an Indian whose western clothes and club hopping shocked her elder sister and brother-in-law. Kareena made the character of a Western immigrant lovable and clever.

She surprises us all with her depth in Omkara

After a few sweet romantic movies, Kareena blew us all away with her vulnerable, yet powerful performance in Omkara. She was an innocent to the core in this film and it was heart wrenching and frustrating. Even in her very sensual scene with Ajay Devgan she was innocent and full of depth. Her character made Omkara’s character, if not lovable, understandable and relatable. She was the beauty and innocence in a story of corruption and jealousy. The song “O Saathi Re” was a perfect example of this.

She’s a Cutie in Jab We Met!

By the time Jab We Met came out Bebo was all grown up and exploring different roles and different attitudes. Far from the childish and snarky Pooja, Geet was a peppy young woman looking for her own path in life. Her role was full of life and she was able to showcase her amazing comedic abilities. The more she babbled, the more audiences fell in love with her. Her chemistry with Shahid was the strongest part of the film. Their relationship progressed naturally and their friendship was believable and endearing.

Now Off Screen…

She Believes in Important Causes

Kareena surprises and touches us off-screen, as well. In 2004, Kareena helped raise money for the Indian Ocean Earthquake by telethoning with other Bollywood stars. In 2008, Kareena contributed her voice and her influence to the 1GOAL Education for All campaign. Of the project and the education in South East Asia she said, “Education is a way to emancipation. It is not just freedom from poverty but also from hopelessness.” You go, Bebo!

She’s Got Style

After the success of Jab We Met, Kareena decided to launch a clothing line of her own to feature her style in an affordable, yet chic way. Her clothing line includes T-shirts, harem pants, and other casual garments. The successful line is also going international. The new designer states, “my being a fashion icon also depends on my attitude and mood of the moment,” a fact that gives her style a fresh look. If more evidence of her style was needed, Kareena was voted one of Rediff’s Best Dressed Women in 2007.

She’s got Great Taste in Men

Let’s go ahead and say it. She’s had some great ones in the past, but this is Saif Ali Khan. This is a man with a tattoo of her on his forearm. This is a man who seems to have halted his player image for a steady relationship with her.

She’s Always got Something New and Exciting on the Horizon

Since her debut eleven years ago, there has not been a time when fans have had to wait long for a Bebo film. Her hardworking ethic and film background drive her to come out with many different films a year. This year is not any different. Tomorrow is the anticipated release of Bodyguard, starring Salman Khan. After that expect to hear a lot about Ra.One. with Shah Rukh Khan, a science fiction movie. Check out the sneak peak for the song “Chammak Challo”, with Bebo sporting a traditional look. If that wasn’t enough two more films are slated for 2012: Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu with Imran Khan and Agent Vinod with boyfriend, Saif Ali Khan.

Kareena Kapoor, the only Bebo in Bollywood really lives up the Kapoor name on and off screen.

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