Shabana Azmi out of My Name is Khan

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Although, veteran actress Shabana Azmi only had a small but significant role in Karan Johar’s My Name is Khan, she has opted out of the movie. Now before you go around thinking that Johar and Azmi have had a personal fall out, we should clarify that it is nothing like that at all.

The movie has been pushed back a few months to March because of lead actor Shah Rukh Khan‘s back surgery. It was during this time that Azmi was to shoot her numero uno scene with Shah Rukh. Azmi was keen to work in Johar’s upcoming venture for two reasons. Firstly, she had never shared screen space with ‘King Khan’, and wanted to experience acting with SRK. Secondly, although she only had a single scene, it is said to be filled with “power.” However, she had no choice but say “alvida” to the role as it was clashing with her dates for upcoming Gurinder Chadha film which she had already allocated dates to.

It seems like My Name is Khan is causing problem after problem for director Karan Johar. He is said to be on the lookout for a replacement to fit Azmi’s shoes.

Good luck K-Jo!

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