Shah Rukh and Farah’s fight on set of OSO

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Yes, it is true that Farah Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have had a huge fight on the sets of Om Shanti Om. However, you can breathe a sigh of relief because it was in front of the camera, not behind the scenes.

The fight is part of Farah’s guest appearance in the film, were surprisingly she plays a junior artist. Farah says, “Well, this is the entire irony that we wanted to bring about. Imagine me playing a junior artist in the film.

I and Shahrukh are shown to be pulling each other’s hair madly. It’s a mad-mad scene as we both me and Shahrukh, who also plays a junior artist for the 70s part of the film, are involved in a terrible fight.”

Laughing Farah added, “The scene has turned out to be really hilarious as Shahrukh’s character even asks me if I thought of myself to be the director of the film. On this I reply that if I was one, I would have already thrown him out of the film by now.”

This guest appearance is not the first for Farah in one of her movies but sadly again, it is very short lasting only 10-20 seconds.

We certainly cannot wait to see this crazy scene. Om Shanti Om is shaping up to be filled with hysterical moments, a chance to spot one of the many other superstars that are making guest appearances and of course a hot six pack packing Shah Rukh. November 9th cannot come soon enough!

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