Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan put aside their differences and hug their feud out!

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Two of the biggest stars in India apparently have put aside their differences! We are talking about Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan who recently shared a hug and some pictures at Baba Siddique’s Iftar Party. Shah Rukh Khan was sitting at the table when Salman Khan tapped him on the shoulder, SRK stood up and the two shared a hug. Though a bit awkward, it was perhaps a start to easing tension between the two stars that has been brewing for the last 5 years ever since a fight at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party. After the hug, the entire room erupted in cheers!

Siddique said, “Hope this friendship stays. Maybe they wanted to do so, thats why they did. I have known both of them for years. God willing it happened in the pious month of Ramzan.”

So is it the end of the feud and the two stars will become best friends? Well, time will tell but it is always nice to see them make a start!

Check out the pictures!

13jul_Salman-SRK-Hug01 13jul_Salman-SRK-Hug02 13jul_Salman-SRK-Hug03


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