Shah Rukh Khan as Mogambo?

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Shekhar Kapur has been courting SRK for the role of the villainous Mogambo in Mr India 2. The role is to be expanded from that seen in the original Mr India and it is felt that SRK has the strength to carry off the part. SRK has yet to confirm. The movie will also see Anil Kapoor and Sridevi reuniting on screen, this time as an older couple with new stars in the more prominent roles.

SRK is not just a silver screen hero. He recently heard about two kids, Mudassar (5) and Amina (3) who were badly hurt in a grenade attack in Kashmir and immediately jumped in to offer to pay for their full rehabilitation. Dr Ali at the hospital confirms, “I came across the kids when I went to Srinagar. To treat the kids a big amount of money was required. When I talked to Shahrukh Khan about it, he came to the hospital and he also promised them he would meet them as soon as they were discharged form the hospital.”

SRK’s appearance on Farhan Akhtar‘s Oye It’s Friday was so dynamic and enjoyable that the producers decided to make two shows out of the material. In the show, SRK explained how he first met Gauri. He said he saw her dancing when he was eighteen but was too shy to ask her to dance himself so he asked his friend to ask her instead. But she said she couldn’t as she was waiting for her boyfriend! In the event, it turned out she was teasing and she was waiting for her brother!! As a practical joke, SRK came onto the show wearing a sling and when Farhan asked him what the problem was, SRK said he’d hurt his hand shaking hands with Salman Khan!

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