Shah Rukh Khan hurting again

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Shah Rukh Khan is going under the knife again. He injured himself in December while shooting for Vivek Vaswani’s Dulha Mil Gaya, that resulted in a torn muscle in his left shoulder. The injury requires either therapy or arthroscopic surgery. Shah Rukh underwent therapy sessions while still in India, and was advised by doctors to have surgery before leaving for the United States to shoot for Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan. But, Shah Rukh decided against it in order to avoid delaying Karan’s film. The pain continued while he was in the US, and Shah Rukh sought a second opinion from doctors in Los Angeles. They also advised him to have surgery.

Since his return to India, the pain has worsened, and Shah Rukh has finally decided to have the surgery. He has yet to decide where and when he will have the procedure. Shah Rukh, known for his great marketing prowess, wants to promote Billu Barber as much as possible before the release date of February 13th, even though he has been advised by doctors to rest, and to have the surgery as soon as possible. Shah Rukh told the Mumbai Mirror, “I was advised surgery, but pulled through on temporary medical assistance until I could not bear the pain any longer. I have to now go in for surgery in the next few days.”

Shah Rukh had back surgery in 2003, after injuring himself on the sets of Shakti while performing an action scene. At that time, he elected to have his surgery done in the UK.

We wish him well with the surgery and a speedy recovery!

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