Shah Rukh Khan: Indian films getting worldwide recognition because of cultural values

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Speaking at a screening of his film Don in London, Shah Rukh Khan talked about the reason he thinks Indian films are becoming more successful worldwide. “I think the reason why Indian cinema is doing well globally is because of our culture,” he said and that the movies showcase the wonderful cultural values of India and many are responding to that.

SRK also feels that the Indians who live abroad should take advantage of this and use the movies to teach their children and their children’s children about the rich and wonderful traditions, customs, and beliefs of India.

About his debut, which was 19 years ago, Khan said, “it looked like yesterday”. His career started when he appeared in the television series “Fauji”. Adding that, “When I started on TV, I was not considered a mass hero. I did not look very good. My stardom today is thanks to Asian people who made me a star.” His path to stardom has been filled with many successes and now he known as the “King of Bollywood” and still going strong.

Shah Rukh concluded by saying that, “The Indian cinema is also responsible for making me known globally,” and that he will continue to do his best and try to give audiences all over the world loads of entertainment on the silver screen.

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