Shah Rukh Khan Passionate about Ra.One

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One of the films that has been the talk of B-town ever since it was first announced has been Shah Rukh Khan’s ambitious Ra.One directed by Anubhav Sinha . The film which also stars Arjun Rampal and Kareena Kapoor is a good vs. evil, superhero highly FX laden action adventure, plus of course it being Bollywood, has some romance sprinkled in the mix, as well. With the release of the teaser trailer the buzz and excitement about the film is already huge and we still have seven months to go before the release.

The story is about a superhero, which was inspired by Marvel comics and the Hollywood films X-Men. Khan says, “I just thought that we don’t have any background of a superhero in terms of comics like ‘Spiderman’. We have superheroes like ‘Krrish’ and ‘Drona’ but they are film superheroes.”

Describing Ra.One’s superhero, SRK says, “I tell people this is the one who’s gonna do… he is going to fly, he has these powers and once this becomes known, then people would like to come and see the film.”

Co-star Arjun Rampal had nothing but praise for SRK and the film when he spoke to PTI, “This is something that I can confidently state that Ra.One is the most ambitious film and expensive film that is being made out of India. The film is about superheroes and when you explore such a genre, you have to go all out to make it something special.” Adding, “Shah Rukh is leaving no stone unturned for Ra.One. I have worked with Shah Rukh before and seen his commitment and passion. However, the kind that I am seeing in Ra.One is unparalleled. The way he is going all out to make this film extra special is commendable. His passion is just so contagious.”

You can see that because Shah Rukh Khan is very enthusiastic about this project, which he says because of the high caliber of special effects will change the way films are made in India, “It’s an indigenously made film and it’s made in VFX studios in India and is trying to create something which will change the genre of films. If Indian filmmakers would like to make something alike, they have the access to the technology.”

The superstar turned superhero says he made Ra.One for his fans, “I have made one promise to every one in India. I have been working for 20 years and I have been given too much; much more than I deserve as an actor, as a star, and I think it’s time to give back some.”

But not only for his fans, Ra.One was also made for his two children, “Ra.One is a very special film I made for my kids. I hope I can make my children proud and this country proud.”

He is very passionate about Ra.One and has worked hard to make it a great film, “You make a film with passion and love. You want to make it right and want the world to watch it. I am trying my best to make it a very good film.”

In case you missed it feast your eyes on the cool, the exciting and the totally rockin’ first look at Ra.One.

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