Shahid Gets a Visit from an Obsessive Fan!

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Shahid Kapur without a doubt has fans in the millions, and their obsession seems to be increasing by the day. Recently the actor had quite an encounter with an Iranian fan by the name of Pirhana Sahila who had run away from her home in pursuit of meeting the actor.

Pirhana came all the way to Mumbai and stationed herself outside Shahid’a apartment complex. After noticing her appearance the residence informed Shahid. Assuming she’s merely another fan here to get a glimpse of him Shahid waved out to her thinking this may be enough to send her home. However, Pirhana proved to be one of his biggest fans as she stayed put.

Worried for her health, Shahid sent food and drinks down with staff members. When she still persisted in not leaving, Shahid thought of physically going down and chatting with the young girl but his friends, family and colleagues advised him not to as the girl appeared to be emotionally unstable.

At last when the actor ran out of options he arranged for financial aid for Pirhana and contacted the Iranian consulate. Upon the actor’s call, the Iranian embassy stepped in and Pirhana was sent home, however not without putting up a fight as she refused to leave without Shahid.

Director and friend Ahmed Khan confirmed the news that Shahid had indeed stepped in to help Pirhana out, however refused to speak on the matter or lodge police complaints in reference to it as he is simply kind hearted and doesn’t wish to attain any publicity from such events.

What an encounter for the actor! At least now he will not doubt for a second the love and affection that comes flooding his way from all directions from his fans!

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