Shahid Kapur Seeking Inspiration

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Golden boy Shahid Kapur wants to reach the very top of his profession and says that watching the performances of others forces him to develop his own professionalism. “A lot of times I see a great performance and get inspired to work better,” he explains, “I feel competition is the wrong term. I think it`s more about professional camaraderie and appreciation of someone else`s work and finding reasons to work harder the next day.”

Shahid is a biker and recently bought himself a black Yamaha MT-01 air-cooled sports bike which has become his prized possession.

The big question everyone’s asking is, however – are there signs that Shahid is developing into a bit of a romancer with his co-stars? Fresh from praising Rani Mukherjee to the hilt – “I’m excited to be working with Rani. I have seen so many performances of hers and actually felt – ‘Now, that’s a performance!’” – he can now be seen kissing Priyanka Chopra on the set of Kaminey – strictly in good taste of course: “As long as it is aesthetically done and comfortably done it’s not a problem at all,” he says. I’m not sure. Personally, I think I’d need to kiss Priyanka for hours and hours before I felt comfortable about it.

Then of course there’s old flame Vidya Balan. This appears to be a romance that may not have been entirely extinguished by the Sania Mirza interlude as Shahid and Vidya were recently seen dining together and having fun. “They stayed away from the media limelight because their link-up publicity during Kismat Konnection had made them uncomfortable,” explained a source, “Now that Shahid is single and not dating Sania Mirza either, they have renewed their friendship.”

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