Shahid on Kismat Konnection

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Kismat Konnection starring Shahid Kapoor and Vidya Balan will be coming to a theater near you on July 18th. The romantic comedy is on many peoples list as a must see. Recently Shahid spoke a bit about the film to Timesnow.

Shahid said that since his last release was Jab We Met in October of last year, Kismat Konnection is a very important film for him. “Yes, It is an important film for me because I don’t do to many films. I try to do one film at a time. After November this is my next release so it had been almost six months, so its been a long while.”

He went on to say that he chooses films not to prove critics right or wrong but it is all about his connection with his audience, “It is not really about proving anybody right or wrong My relationship is with the audiences so my connection is also with them. I think that every time I make a film I try and make a film which I feel the audiences will want to see.”

With Kismat Konnection, Shahid is continuing with his trend of youthful films and he said, “It’s a romantic comedy, that I think, is a space that is young and fun. I think it always works because the target audience is that age group, so you have to make it for those people. I feel I am 27, I connect with the youth of today.”

The actor also had a message for his fans, “My film Kismat Konnection is releasing on the 18th of July so please, you better go and catch it. It’s going to be raining a lot so its a good thing to do.”

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