Shahid or Hrithik? Ahmed’s Dilemma

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It seems that even though Ahmed Khan’s directorial ventures have hit the jackpot at the box office, he’s still a much in demand choreographer. So much so that he’s currently facing a date clash and may have to make a choice between choreographing a Hrithik Roshan number for Krazzy 4 or a Shahid Kapoor number for Ken Ghosh’s next film.

When speaking to Mid-Day, Khan openly expressed that as much as he’d love to work with both these phenomenal dancers, if he is forced to make a choice, he’d have to go with Shahid’s number. Only because Shahid is like a brother to him. However, Ahmed is trying his very best to play around with his dates in the hope that he will get to work with both the actors.

Which will it be? Whilst Ahmed decides that, you all can look forward to his next directorial venture, Paatshala, as well as an exclusive number directed by the talented choreographer for the Aamir Khan starrer, the Ghajini remake.

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